Book Review : Why We Get Fat, And What to Do About It

I have listened to the audio version of this book. The book is written by Gary Taubes. The book is on nutrition as you would have guessed by the title. Gary nicely debates on the aspects of why we get fat. In the   “what to do about it” part he more or less recommends a high protein and fat diet. The book seems to more of try to convince a view point, I liked the debate very much. About the recommendation, I am not entirely satisfied with it. There is not any mention of a specific diet to follow in the book

Rating: 4/5. For me it was eye opener, especially the point that insulin causes fatness and about fat metabolism.

My only question to Gary would be, what about protein metabolism? If we have less of carbohydrates and more of proteins and fat, then what gets exhausted first protein or fat for our energy?

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