Book Review: Winning

“Winning” is written by the famous entrepreneur Jack Welch and his wife Suzy Welch. Its the result of the many seminars he conducted on entrepreneurship after his retirement from General Electric (GE). I have listened to his audio version which has been narrated by himself. Its a fabulous book, a bit of his own autobiography and lot of knowledge and experience that he shares with his readers/listeners. I love such books, especially when read by its own author. Jack Welch’s monotonous voice is a bit harsh on the ears, but you can feel his presence as powerful individual. In the end, there is conversation between Jack and one more entrepreneur in which I came to understand that while interacting he’s best than when narrating. I could make the connection with the book only on the career development aspect in one of the sections. Other than that most were related to high level of business workings and its various aspects. Those have a good role as a manager or something similar in a bigger organization might gain the most benefit. Its been something of a new knowledge thrust towards me which is engaging. One can really view Jack being an entrepreneur with great values in this book and his road to success for GE’s growth.

Rating: 4.5/5. Its a very good audio book if you are interested to know the various business aspects through the  experience of an entrepreneur.

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