Book review : Models

“Models: Attract Women Through Honesty” is written by  Mark Manson. I have listened to an audio version of this book. Its about 8 hrs in length. I went through this with intention of finding some useful concepts that help in attracting women. I guess the author practically tells to be yourself around them. Being yourself means being the best of your self emotionally, physically and attitude wise as well. He’s practical in saying that not all whom one come across are worth trying for. The one who emotionally sparks good vibes would be the one to have a relationship with. He mixes his stories and experiences along the way. Me being Indian, not sure all of his advice would work in our culture. I feel not all men have the motivation to approach and speak to all the attractive women. He also tells there are 3 types of women- those who are attracted to you, those who are neutral (attracting them needs a bit of persuasion) and those who are not attracted to you(someone whose already in relationship).

Rating: 3/5. Its a more of theoretical book, good advice on having and living a good life. A few concepts were new to me. I guess this seems one of the good practical books on attracting women.

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