Book Review : The Confidence Gap

“The Confidence Gap” is written by Russ Harris. I have went through an audio version of this book. While listening I wished I had gone through the print version as I felt it was book with lot of introspection about oneself. Its quiet a new take on the subject of confidence. Its more from the perspective of mindfulness rather than just methods of achieving the so called “confidence”. Basically through mindfulness, one has to accept his fears, his thoughts. He has to then allow space within himself to accommodate any sort of negative reasoning that mind does. This is termed as expansion. Confidence in actual is only achieved through practice, no other way. I really like the practical approach to the “enigma” of confidence provided by author.

Rating: 4.5/5. A book which revealed to me first time that confidence is through practice, fear is common before becoming courageous and committing to practice is more important than the vision of confidence.

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