Book Review : The Wisdom of Forgiveness

“The Wisdom of Forgiveness” is co-authored by Dalai Lama XIV and Victor Chan. I have been through the audio version of  the book. Its a good book discussing on some chapters in the life of Dalai Lama and his view on world piece. I came to know about the wonderful personality of Dalai Lama in a more closer perspective. The book discusses on views of Dalai Lama and his relation with China, his forgiveness to the country for invading Tibet. It also tells us about Dalai Lama’s interdependence principle for encouraging world peace, something he has meditated on since ages. Victor Chan has kept things straight in narration of the book, keeping us more intimate with the words of his Holiness Dalai Lama.

Rating: 4/5. Simplicity of the book in propagating the notion of interdependence to achieve world peace.

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