Book Review: Rich Dad’s Guide to Becoming Rich

“Rich Dad’s Guide to Becoming Rich…Without Cutting Up Your Credit Cards” is written by by Robert T. Kiyosaki and Sharon L. Lechter. I have listened to an audio version of this book. This book mainly talk about the topic of good debt and bad debt. A good debt is a loan that you take for buying an asset and a bad debt is the one where the loan takes care of your expenses. As long as its a good debt there is nothing much to lose. Better than this would be to use other people’s money. The book also has most of the advertising of his products. He does not talk about the how and only leads a direction.

Rating: 3/5. Its a good book and mostly repetitive concept. Not much researched, nothing much to gain.


Book Review : Rich Dad’s Increase Your Financial IQ

“Rich Dad’s Increase Your Financial IQ: : Get Smarter with Your Money” is written by by Robert T. Kiyosaki. I have listened to an audio version of this book. Its having good information on financial education and make a point that financial education is not prioritized at school, when the fact is all our life we will be dealing mostly with money. Most educated don’t know about managing their finances. He talks about investing, protecting, budgeting, leveraging money and improving financial information. As with most of his books he does advertising of his products.

Rating:4/5. Good information on the managing aspects of money.

Course Review: A History of British India

“A History of British India” is presented by Professor Hayden J. Bellenoit, D.Phil. This course found on the The Great Courses website. The link to the course is here. This a good course for anyone who is interested to know about the history of  India especially under the British rule. The lecturer has presented it in a different way rather than sticking on to the dates and facts only. I think he relies more upon the cause and the effect while presenting the history.  For me it was a good refreshment of my history textbooks from the school days. Most of the facts are accurate. It goes through the various stages – from being merchants, interviening in politics to divide and rule, oppression,squandering and finally exiting. One new thing I came to know is that no one wanted the partition of India, it was the British Raj who pushed to the division.

Rating: 4/5. Accurate and different approach style to understanding the history of India under British Raj.

Book Review : If I Could Tell You Just One Thing . . .

“If I Could Tell You Just One Thing . . .: Encounters with Remarkable People and Their Most Valuable Advice” is written by Richard Reed. I have listened to an audio version of this book. The book is based on the various interviews he had had with know personalities. Some on telephone and many face-to-face. The book is ofcourse having lot of splendid advice and your more interested in it as it comes from acheivers. Not all the personalities included are world known celebrities. Most of the personalities belong to UK. People from other parts of the world may not get that impressed but advices are quiet sound. At some places he does introduce to us the achievement of the interviewee.

Rating: 3/5. Personalities mainly limited to UK. Too much advice is not good. All advices are good.

Course Review : The Power of Mathematical Visualization

“The Power of Mathematical Visualization” is part of the great courses. Its lectured by Professor James S. Tanton, Ph.D., Princeton University. Its really a good course and the professor is lively in his presentation. Its having about 24 lectures of around half hour time each. More information on the course could be found on their web address :-

After a starting few lectures I started thinking that if the maths subject at school was presented in such a manner I would have scored better. Being a maths student myself I think not all topics were discussed visually. Most interesting topics were covered well.

Rating: 3.5/5. Interesting for students going to school. For adults some things might fascinate. For a maths scholar, it might need more depth.

Book Review : Life’s Engines

“Life’s Engines: How Microbes Made Earth Habitable” is written by Paul G Falkowski. I have listened to an audio version of this book. It is an interesting book on microbes and their evolution on the planet. The author touches upon topics like the importance of microbes in our environment, the evolution of spieces including humans on earth, role of genetics in evolution and presence of alien spieces in the universe. In each of these he makes a case for microbes and their role. For instance, in the theory of evolution microbes were largely ignored.

Rating: 3.5/5. Interesting. Many topics deviate from the actual thing in question. Many topics already come across. But many is like new discovery.

Book review : Payoff

“Payoff: The Hidden Logic That Shapes Our Motivations” is written by Dan Ariely. I have gone throught the audio version of this book. Its a TED series book. Its starts with an into to author’s experience of being a fire accident victim and his struggle with it that led him to pathe of professor and his experiments with understanding motivation. In his experiments he has come to believe that money is not that important, social approval or meaning matters more. The ultimate motivation might be to leave a legecy beyond our life time in the for of children, organization, attworks, books etc. These all give meaning and full filment.

Rating: 3/5. Too brief but interesting. Many of the thoughts I had only reinforced in the book.